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Glory for Watling JCB Leicester Lions


The Watling JCB Leicester Lions have made club history with their first-ever item of national team silverware in the Speedway Championship Shield Final.

The Lions defeated Eastbourne 55-34 at a packed Paul Chapman & Sons Arena on Sunday to complete a 103-76 aggregate victory.

Lions had done much of their hard work in the Shield at Arlington on Saturday when they pulled off a stunning 48-42 first leg victory but they still had a job to complete at home, and they did so in clinical fashion with an all-round display which never gave the Eagles a chance of getting back into the final.

There was a slight scare for Leicester in Heat 4 when Ryan Douglas took a heavy fall after Nathan Stoneman had got out of shape on turn two, but the Australian star picked himself up to top-score with eleven points.

And Lions put the tie virtually beyond their opponents with back-to-back 5-1s in Heats 5 and 6, as guest Josh Pickering combined with Ellis Perks in the former, whilst Nicholls slipped inside Eastbourne captain Richard Lawson off turn two to again team up with a fast-starting Proctor in the next.

The Lions then went onto secure victory to claim a famous victory in a historic night for the club.