Bucket Brush

Bucket Brush

Bucket Brush

WEIGHT: Up to 220 kg
BUCKET SIZES: 1850 – 2450 mm

Made of Domex Steel and fully galvanised, the JCB Bucket Brush range is designed for grain shovels from 1850 to 2450 mm. Stronger, lighter, and more durable than ever, the JCB Bucket Brush stands upright when it’s not in use and also has a quick-release bristle cartridge.

  • Weld on brackets included within the installation kit supplied with the bucket brush
  • Supplied with hoses and couplings as standard
  • Free standing for storage and installation and suitable for the JCB range of grain shovels from 1850 – 2450 mm
  • Full fitting and operator instructions supplied with the product
  • Used in reverse, offers a cleaner sweep and allows the shovel to skim any raised ground or iron works
  • Quick release bristle cartridge design aids brush segment replacement
  • The shovel is quickly emptied by tilting the bucket
  • Manufactured from high strength Domex steel with a galvanised body extending product life
  • Forward offers improved visibility for tight or awkward areas and the ability to shake off any debris
  • Poly brush segments reduce risks to livestock


ModelBucket Brush
Capacitypressure: 250 Bar


Tents & Events – Ben Newell – Managing Director

Reliability is mandatory in the events sector so we opted to take delivery of the JCB. Finding out that the unit was specified as standard with the LiveLink Telematics system was a bonus. We have trackers on all our other machines, but this does so much more than just tracking.

Linroyale Potatoes – Stewart Clarke – MD

Our JCB generator not only provides a reliable power source but the telematics are proving very useful in assessing our work schedules. The saving in fuel each year comfortably pays for the maintenance agreement.