JCB G100RS Stage V Generator: 100KVA


JCB G100RS Stage V Generator: 100KVA

Our Rental Range of generators are easily transportable, robust , professionally design, highly specified and have an cutting edge engine technology.

  • 100kva Prime Rated
  • 110kva Standby Rated
  • Sockets
  • Stage V
  • Rental Base
  • 50/60hz Switchable
  • Bump Stops
  • Fork pockets
  • Rental Base
  • Bunding
  • Central lifting point
  • 260L Internal Fuel Tank
  • 3 Way Fuel Valve
  • Deepsea 8610 Control Panel
  • JCB LiveLink

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It's Clean

G100RS Generators are the perfect solution for your energy needs as they come standard with Stage V emissions-compliant engines and have dramatically reduced particulate and Nox emissions compared to Stage I engines. Not only that, G100RS Generators also contain modern fuel efficient engine which enable you to save money with minimal fuel consumption and comply with onsite emissions restrictions. G100RS Generators are a smart choice for those looking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

It's Tough

Get the G100RS Generator for unbeatable protection! Constructed with heavy duty corrosion-resistant steel canopy, durable bunded base with 110% overfill capacity and heavy gauge steel that is twice as thick as the market standard, this generator ensures superior protection during both onsite use and transit. Plus, its oversized base frame complete with anchor points provide further safeguards while its oversized fork pockets, large rubber buffers and heavy-duty chain pull bar make it suitable for multiple environments – including harsh or saline – while extensive testing ensures maximum water ingress protection.

It's Quiet

Our JCB G100RS Generators are engineered to ensure a quiet operation. The G100RS generator is designed with a silent or super-silent version that optimises the fan design to deliver cooling at all loads. Additionally, G100RS generators feature an extensive vibration analysis process, meaning that only minimal engine noise is produced when in use. This allows the G100RS generator to operate around-the-clock or in noise sensitive areas without causing disruption. A quieter system also results in improved communication between staff, making these G100RS generators well-suited for many industrial and commercial applications.


make JCB
Model G100RS
Capacity100KVA Prime Rated
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