Why Choose Watling JCB?

Watling JCB Our Culture

We put our people at the heart of everything we do, ensuring they are engaged and passionate by providing context, alignment, ownership and support. We lead from the front and we look after our people’s health and wellbeing. We recognise a job well done and we look ahead to see how we can help our people to work even smarter. It’s a dynamic environment where you’ll be encouraged and supported to enjoy every step.


We have a strong ‘One Team’ ethos within our business. With this in mind, we encourage all our managers to have an open-door policy so they are ready to listen and welcome all contributions and suggestions from our team members.

This ‘One Team’ culture goes beyond getting the day-to-day job done; it means that we also fully encourage each of our depots to have fun! This can mean anything from our charity fundraising commitments to helping out in our local communities or even just having fun within our teams.

Long Lasting Working Relationships

Not only are our businesses enjoyable places to work, we are also proud of achieving a very low turnover of staff, creating a stable workforce.

Many of our employees have worked for us for over 15 years and each year we celebrate their success with our Long Service Award Dinners. This means that not only will you develop good working relationships with your colleagues; many of our team members tell us that they develop long-lasting friendships during their careers with Watling JCB.

Focusing on you

We also understand that your time away from the workplace is vitally important, so we give our team members a generous holiday allowance and more importantly, are in full support of ensuring our team achieves the right ‘Work-Life’ balance.

Benefits & Rewards

We’re looking for the most talented, enthusiastic, and ambitious people to join our Watling’s Team. So when it comes to finding, and keeping, the best people we make sure we’ve got plenty to offer in return. We’ll look after you with a host of benefits designed to reward and recognise good work. And we’ll invest in your potential with award-winning training.